Friday, June 11, 2021

Fixing Immigration

The problem with immigration is not at the border with Mexico. The problem is not with other countries. The problem simply is:  What does America want its legacy of immigration to be? 

Are we to be a land of inclusion? Are we to be a nation of hope? Are we to be a country that welcomes others to become one with us?

Or are we a nation with high bars and standards to exclude people different from us?

It is our choice. It is our freedom. We have the right to make this decision and be whatever we say we should be.

However, there is a big IF. That IF is: we are a democracy and We The People make the decision. Currently we are not doing so. Elected politicians are making the decisions and they are at odds with our history and with the polls, and with the will of the people.

So, the problem is not immigration of people from without, it is with the people within our borders. You, me, them.

We don’t need to visit the US/Mexico border to see a crisis unfolding. That is not where the crisis resides. It is much closer to home. It is within us. You and I. Just the two of us multiplied by 160 million. Stop blaming outsiders. Stop making this a political party problem. It is not any of that.

No; it is a problem with you and I. Do we include or exclude?

Make that decision. Then deal with the consequences honestly and openly. Either decision has consequences. Which set of problems do you want to solve? Which pathway will you take?

More importantly: what does the decision say about the kind of person I am? You are?

June 11, 2021


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